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Table of Contents

Want to know what the book will cover? Look no further!

As well as the sections detailed below, each chapter contains hints and tips, exercises, and further reading.

0. Introduction
1. Project management (read it online!)

  • What is a project?
  • Finding project work
  • Case study: Librarian to Project Manager (Annette Earl)
  • Methodologies and tools
  • Case study: the Blyton project (Hannah Green)

2. Teaching, training & communicating

3. Meeting your users needs and measuring success

  • Case study: the SLA Alignment Project (Amy Affelt)
  • Case study: evaluating the impact of your library (David Streatfield)
  • Encouraging user participation
  • Evidence-gathering tools

4. Marketing your service and engaging stakeholders

  • What is marketing?
  • Plan your marketing
  • Case study: identifying and working with stakeholders (Michael Stead)
  • Case study: creating customer-friendly e-reader experiences (Alison Circle)
  • Case study: embedded librarianship (Reece Dano)

5. Utilising technologies

  • The move towards automation
  • Case study: how to become a zen master of technology (Bohyun Kim)
  • Case study: I, Shambrarian (Lukas Koster | full version)
  • Technology for the non-technical
  • Case study: introduction to sustainable digital preservation (Beccy Shipman)
  • Repositories

6. Getting and staying online

  • Case study: interoperability and sustainability (Jane Stevenson)
  • Case study: social media in the big city (Sue Lawson)
  • Case study: Deseronto Archives (Amanda Hill)
  • Social media tools

7. Generating funding and doing more with less

8. Managing money – budgets & negotiating

9. Information ethics and copyright

10. Up-skilling and professional development

  • Case study: how to assess yourself (Deborah Dalley | full version)
  • Bodies of professional knowledge
  • Case study: SLA’s Competencies for Information Professionals of the 21st Century (Dee Magnoni)
  • Case study: CPD on a shoestring (Laura Woods)
  • Case study: how to get the most out of training and development (Gil Young)
  • Case study: long-distance mentoring (Emily Hopkins)
  • Case study: how to be a mentor (Jenica Rogers)

11. Networking and promoting yourself

  • Case study: personal branding (Kathy Ennis)
  • Case study: how to build your information professional brand (Ned Potter)
  • Networking
  • Case study: professional networking (Maria Cotera)
  • Case study: solo librarian, Cafcass (Jo Wood)
  • Case study: solo records manager, TWI (Lee Pretlove)

12. Professional involvement & career development



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