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November 12, 2012 / bethan

Alternative careers for new library and information professionals

This afternoon, I’ll be at MMU talking to their graduate trainees about what I do at Mimas, and what sorts of alternative careers they might like to think about.

This is a bit of a recurring theme for me, but one that I do think is really important. As someone who’s lucky enough to have a fab non-traditional library job, I like to tell people about all the brilliant opportunities open to them. A library/information qualification fits you for so many jobs, in different sectors, industries, and specialisms.

A huge thanks to everyone who shared descriptions of ‘what they do’, to give a real insight into all the opportunities out there. These brief job descriptions* show how many things are the same across all library/information jobs, yet each is specialised and tailored to the needs of users. It’s one of the things I think we do best as a profession – take the skills we have and figure out how to apply them in new and innovative ways to give our users the services they need.

If you’d like to share a brief description of what you do in your job, get in touch.

*(Emphasis in job descriptions is mine.)


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