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April 6, 2011 / bethan

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Rebecca Goldman from Derangement and Description is contributing a case study to the Toolkit about webcomic writing as a form of professional developement. If you don’t know DnD, it’s a webcomic about archives, metadata, and related issues. I discovered it while I was learning EAD (Encoded Archival Description) for my work with the Archives Hub, and loved it! There’s nothing like chuckling over a joke about EAD to really boost your confidence that you’ve understood it.

We show DnD to the archives students we teach about EAD, as a bit of light refreshment at the end of the session – it always gets a laugh, as well as reinforcing what they’ve learned. Entertaining and educational! What more could we want?

My favourite comic is still probably this one, and I also love this. Rebecca doesn’t just do funny stuff though – she (rightly) gained a lot of attention in the archives world last year with her Post-SAA Howl, about the plight of archives students and new professionals.

Rebecca has posted a draft of her case study over on Derangement and Description, and is asking for feedback and suggestions on it. Please do go read it, and let her know what you think! While you’re there, have a browse through the archives too 🙂


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