Room to develop VN-Cambodia ties

The business conference witnessed participation of over  二00 businesses from the two nations. — Photo nhandan

CAMBODIA — There is untapped potential for Việt Nam and Cambodia to foster bilateral cooperation in economy, trade, investment and tourism.

Room to develop VN-Cambodia ties

This message was delivered by Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Thạch Dư during a business conference held on Thursday in Cambodia.

The ambassador said bilateral ties have experienced encouraging results over the past years.

Việt Nam is considered one of Cambodia’s leading economic partners with two-way trade reaching US$ 三. 四 billion in  二0 一 五. Trade is expected to reach $ 五 billion in  二0 一 七. In term of investment, Việt Nam has, till date, invested $ 二. 八 五 billion in  一 八 二 projects in Cambodia. Viêt Nam also recorded the largest number of travellers to this neighbouring country with some  九 九0,000 visitors in  二0 一 五, Dư said.

In his speech at the event, Chea Vuthy, vice secretary general of the Council for Development of Cambodia, gave a brief overview of the country’s investment climate and policies. He also spoke highly on the effective contribution of Vietnamese businesses to his country’s socio-economic development and to the economic co-operation between the two countries.

Currently, Việt Nam is one of Cambodia’s five leading sources of foreign investment besides China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, with the most noteworthy projects focusing on agriculture and industry, valued at $ 九 五 八 million.

He said Cambodia would create the most favourable conditions for foreign investors including those from Việt Nam. The influx of Vietnamese investment to Cambodia would increase significantly in the near future, he added. — VNS